Rodo Sofranac – Writer, Teacher, Translator, Consultant

Inspiring Learners, Supporting Caregivers, and Training Professionals

Inspiring Learners

One of my greatest joys in life is working with the young at heart, regardless of age. I have presented in many schools, libraries, and other community settings. My schooling, professional background, and especially life experiences have allowed me to develop a participatory, fun, and above all, empathic interaction style. We have fun teaching and learning!

Supporting Caregivers

As parents and primary caregiver, we are a child’s first and foremost teacher. We are responsible for their physical, psychological, intellectual, and spiritual development.

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Training Professionals

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Professional educators, administrators, and other policy makers are being called on to do more and more, and more. How about some energizing support? Or, maybe just a break?

Beyond academic training, I focus on writing, reading, and critical thinking skills development through direct engagement and storytelling. Everyone has something to learn and something to teach. Come prepared to learn and teach.

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Rodo Writes Mission

Our mission is to help people of all ages in relationship development through writing, reading, and sharing stories more often.

Rodo and his wife, Susan, use 100% of the profits from the Grammy Knows Books sales to produce, purchase, and donate more books to schools, libraries, and nonprofit agencies working on literacy—over 150 organizations on five continents, so far!

About Rodo

Rodo was born in Montenegro—former Yugoslavia, now many small countries. His family fled to Austria and later immigrated to the United States. Rodo speaks, reads, and writes Serbo-Croatian (formerly the name of the many languages of former Yugoslavia), German (formerly two countries north of the former Yugoslavia), and is working on English.

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Inspiring & Supporting

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